Jono Shields

Imposter Syndrome


You know that feeling, when you really want to do something, but something holds you back?

My fiance and best friend, Athena

Well, I really want to get into doing more portraiture. I think about it quite often now.

I also get this feeling though, I don't know whether it is anxiety or imposter syndrome. But something makes me feel small, inadequate and scared.

Its not just strangers, asking family and friends is the same.

The only person I am taking photos of at the moment is my fiance Athena. She is patient with me.

Athena posing with her favourite plants

I am not looking for advice or help, more than anything I am venting. I am angry and disappointed with myself that I don't have the courage to do something so simple. A hurdle that for everyone else seems like a small step.

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