Jono Shields

The Yashica 35 M


Look at this beauty!

The Yashica 35 M is now the oldest camera I own, from 1973 it's more than twice as old as I am.

Yashica 35 M, a bit dusty

It shows its age in how you use it. It has a lightmeter on the front that I thought was a flash hahaha. It uses Selenium, a chemical, to measure the light rather than the more modern silicon semiconductors.

The lightmeter displays a number on top of the camera telling me what the EVS (exposure value scale)is, so that I can choose an appropriate aperture and shutter speed myself.

A blurry cafe

The other noticeable difference with this camera is that it's a rangefinder. Sadly the viewfinder is not very visible and makes focussing this camera difficult.

Woman holding up electrical cables (out of focus)

Two people sitting at a cafe (Jono on the right)

And look! It's me. Also, the self timer on this thing is mechanical. It's pretty cool to hear the ticking and winding as it counts down.

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