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You can look at my last couple of posts for my grand desires to compete in GBA Jam 2022. But the best laid plans and all that.

I ended up not actually starting any sort of entry until the 28th of October. 3 days till the jam ends.

So I sit down with my brother for coffee and we get chatting. It would be cool to do a Halloween themed game since the game ends on October 31st. We spitball some ideas and end up talking about doing a post apocalyptic dating game.


We jam on the idea and come up with a few characters...

  • Blob (A mutated mass of flesh and skin)
  • A zombie with a scottish accent
  • Linda the lobster lady
  • A sentient trash compactor
  • Ted (a normal guy, wears a sweater)
  • Mom (look there aren't a lot of options)
  • Unwilling Participant (some guy in a cage that just doesn't want to be there)
  • Jack (a jackhammer brought to life)
  • DJ Mike (deaf, but surprisingly strong musical skills)
  • Eleanor (machetes for hands)
  • A pigeon
  • A Skeleton Man

Here is the first pass of Blob (lol, also the last pass?)

In a past post I mentioned a dialog system I had been working on. I took inspiration from there, but it really needed an overhaul to work for this purpose. So I set to work fixing that up to handle characters with different emotions, much longer conversations, scenes.

But once that was working we just started pumping out a ton of artwork and dialog to fill in the gaps.

I really wanted to fit in as many characters as possible, but once we started writing we realised that it would be too much work for 3 days. Instead we chose to focus on just four and turn it into a dating show.

We landed on Blob, Duncan (a scottish trashcan robot), Linda (the lobster lady) and Skully (a skeleton man).

Luckily in a bunch of past games I have done a lot of dialog. So reusing bits and pieces of code from around the place we were able to put together a scene with some branching dialog.

This is an example of how the branching dialog works, an excerpt from our date with Duncan...s

A foodtruck ay...
Do you come here often?
You cud say thart.
So you come here to? [Work] [Sleep] [Hangout]

[Work] So you work here?
This is mah foodtruck. ->foodtruck

With the help of modern tools like Stable Diffusion and Aseprite we were able to churn out the background images super quickly. And sticking to a limited palette for everything made the sprites simpler to draw too.

Although everything does look a little... rustic?

After all that we did manage to get the game in at the last moment.

However we were informed of a major bug a few hours later. Apparently I overlooked some minor code that let you choose your final date. So no matter how everything went you always ended up with Blob. Yeah. Not great.

We eventually released a fix, but left the original there for posterity and to be judged for the jam.

Check it out on

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