Jono Shields

Yeah, its going okay


GBAGameJam - Days 4 to 11

Okay. So I may have been scared off a little by C++ again and a little frustrated at my self for not trying harding or digging deeper.

This week hasn't been very good.

But that isn't to say I haven't done anything. The gbaDev discord is buzzing with activity and I am enjoying learning little bits and pieces about the GBA, dev tools and other random projects people are working on.

I also watched exelotl's awesome talk on programming for GBA with nim which was super interesting, especially seeing what they are doing with h-blank effects on their project. Link here.

Reading libtonc in my spare time and random things I have found in the gbadev resources page.


Well. Yes.

I made the sprite flip when you turn in the other direction. This was super easy in Butano.

// when moving right

// when moving left

See the awful state of the code and this point with the tag day-11 and ignore the folder labelled wip.

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