Let's draw a sprite!


GBAGameJam - Day 2

Okay lets do this. Lets try to get as far as I can doing this with assets from an old game.

This is the Butano Sprite Example..

* Copyright (c) 2020-2021 Gustavo Valiente gustavo.valiente@protonmail.com
* zlib License, see LICENSE file.

void sprites_visibility_scene(bn::sprite_text_generator& text_generator)
constexpr const bn::string_view info_text_lines[] = {
"A: hide/show sprite",
"START: go to next scene",

info info("Sprites visibility", info_text_lines, text_generator);

bn::sprite_ptr red_sprite = bn::sprite_items::red_sprite.create_sprite(0, 0);

while(! bn::keypad::start_pressed())
red_sprite.set_visible(! red_sprite.visible());


But really the only thing we need is bn::sprite_ptr red_sprite = bn::sprite_items::red_sprite.create_sprite(0, 0);

Also have a look at how to do imports to get your image files into Butano.

So lets draw something to the screen...

Check out the tag day-2 on this repo to see the code in this state.

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