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Advanced Google


Learning to Google like a pro. Use the worlds largest search engines to solve your problems.


What is Google?

Google is that kid that always knows the answer and puts up their hand 0.46s after the teach asks a question.

How did Google get so smart?

Google reads hundreds of thousands of pages every day. And tries to organise everything so it can always find it again easily.

Challenge #1

Use Google to solve these challenges. HINT: Useful things to search are in bold

The box below reads javascript. How would you make a pop up alert box that says Hello World!?

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Challenge #2

In programming there lots of ways to solve the same problem. Google will still find the answer for you, but it might not be the first result.

See this poop? Which css style would move it to the right side of the page.


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How do I find the information I need?

Google gives you some handy sites, it’s up to you to find the info you need.

Each website shows its data in its own way. Here are some common sites and tips to find what you are looking for.

Stack Overflow is one of your most powerful allies. It is kind of like yahoo answers but for coding. Just skim the question to see if it us like your problem and read the answers that have the most votes.

W3Schools has tons of info on HTML, CSS and javascript. The code and example sections are my favourite because that’s where all the code is.

For anything else you can just skim the page or use Find (CMD+F or CTRL+F) on the page to search for keywords.

Challenge #3

The box below uses python. How do you add an object to a list?

[❤️️, ⚽, ☺️️, ✌️️]

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Don’t search for questions, search for answers

Google is starting to get better at matching questions to answers. But it’s excellent at finding answers on their own.

Try searching for the answer on its own, think about how it would be phrased.

So instead of searching for What is the land mass of Australia?, try looking for the answer Australia land mass. Not only is it quicker to type in, but you will find it even if no one has asked the question.

If you are looking for something specific you can search for an answer using quotation marks. So instead of searching for need to summon a druid, then sing me a song you could search for "Need to summon a Druid?" "Sing me a song".

Challenge #4

Who first said "What doesn't kill you does a great job of making you look incompetent"?

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Extra Super Powers

Google has a lot of other cool hidden stuff.

Try using an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to include everything.

eg. "Largest * in the world"

Start your search with site: if you want to limit your search to a specific site.

eg. swallow velocity

You can also use - to remove something from search results.

eg. jaguar speed -car

Google in action!

So now that you know how to use Google, put it to work while you are coding.

It works for anything and everything. Not just scratch or HTML, but any question you have about anything.

Want to see how I use Google?

Here is a log of how I google when I am programming. Yep. Every few minutes I find something I haven’t memorized and need to google it.

Challenge Result!

Keep up the awesome work, only 4 challenges left to complete.

I hope you enjoyed this ‘How to Google’ tutorial. If you have any questions or requests on things for next time then leave a comment for me down below.