Jono Shields

Short attention span

Homage lasted 2 months. That is pretty good for me, some projects get a day, others get a week, but most don’t make it to the implementation phase.

So… here is my new project

It is a sunset generator. It generates a sunset every time you load the page. 

Why Jono? Why generate sunsets? Well, I think sunsets are pretty. 

Here is one I generated earlier…


I plan to turn this into some kind of text based adventure game me thinks.

Jono out.

Moving Forward

So my last post was quite negative. It’s been two months since then. You may have thought I gave up?

Well I didn’t… At least not immediately.

I kept chugging for another month. I bought an iOS licence and launched on the App Store. I made a press kit and submitted my game for reviews. I even launched a thunderclap campaign to try to boost social media coverage.

And all the bug fixes… I released 5 more versions of the game in the following 3 weeks, with 8 bug fixes and 4 new features.

I worked my butt off for that month. Doing the necessary things, the things that don’t excite me. 

It was a fantastic learning experience for me and I got so much out of it. But I worked myself stupid doing 100 hour weeks and put every other aspect of my life on hold. I burnt myself out.

Outcomes : Experience, $0.24 in Ad Revenue

Right now I am taking a break from game development. I have become more active volunteering, helping out with Code Club and events like OMG Tech. It is just as fun and definitely more rewarding. For now I am still attending game dev meetups, but becoming more passive in the community. I will almost definitely start a new project soon, hopefully I can get the balance right this time. 


homage an addictive action space game is coming

Homage, an addictive action space game, is coming to iOS! Support a kiwi indie dev and give it a jam! #indiedev