Jono Shields

Adding Content

I spent this week adding tons more content to Homage. The game now has a full blown experience and levelling system, this allows players to unlock new space ships and actually get the joy of progressing in the game.


The new unlockable ships grant additional experience modifiers, this means that even though the player will need more experience to level up as they progress, they can still do so with relative ease.

Ship health and speed is also configurable, so some of the ships will take more hits and others are more agile to better out maneuver debris.


I will continue to add a few more spaceships, maybe enough to take the player up to Level 20, but I probably won’t go any higher than that. It currently takes approximately an hour of constant gameplay to get to that stage and I would prefer that it was easier to unlock the ships than have players grind for ages only to be disappointed that the ship is not what they expected.

Later days.


2 weeks ago I started making a game that I plan to be done with in another 2 weeks. Normally when I make a game it is because I have some idea for a game mechanic, maybe an art style I want to try out or a character I really want to bring to life. But this is the first game I have made purely to make a game, the only intention I have with Homage is to release it.


This massively changed the way I create a game, instead of focussing on the element I was interested in I had to view the game as a whole. This meant that a few things, GUI wasn’t left until the last minute, sound and music were thought about and added very early on and a lot more time went on modelling.

8 hours into development I had basic gameplay mechanics hashed out, collisions, controls and a lose condition. To further that, I had also created a Play Store Listing, set my game up for Alpha and started sending out keys to my friends so they could test for me.

Now 2 weeks later I have pushed out 13 releases on the Play Store and it has been publicly accessible for 1 week. I am planning a big update for later in the week that will add quite a bit of content to the game and hopefully add some much needed replayability.

Overall this experience has been a lot of fun, even if the only people that bought the game have been sympathetic friends and a guy from Poland that immediately refunded it. I plan to be finished developing features for the game after a month in development and perhaps a fast release cycle like this will mean I can churn out simple games and hope to have one do well.

In those upcoming 2 weeks I will be adding more content (unlockable playable ships, experience, levelling mechanic and score modifiers) and tweaking a bunch of existing features. I also hope to release on the App Store if I can grow the balls to invest the money in a license and an iOS device for testing.

Later days.