Jono Shields

Learning about 3D Printing

One month ago today I received a 3D printer, it was something I have been wanting for ages and I researched a great deal before ordering it.

What I learned

What surprised me

Where am I at

On May 9th my 3d printer would not print, I am writing on May 21st and there has still be no resolution. So I ordered another 3d printer because I have got the bug and can’t stop.

I have printed some seriously cool things in my short 2 weeks.

I made a 3d bust of myself for my boss who recently left the company I work at.

These first two were done using the camera on my phone and using some photogrammetry software called regard3d, however my lighting was pretty poor and the software could only map the front of the model.

There were quite a few iterations and wasted plastic, but I am so happy with the final one.

It was scanned using kscan3d and an xbox360 kinect, then I shaped the resulting model into a bust. Then I printed it in natural PLA and spent copius hours sanding and painting.

I printed a Buddha that my girlfriend painted and used to make a terrarium for her mum.

I have also been making bits and pieces for a custom keyboard build I am working on.

And I have designed a slot together terrarium that uses glass inserts. This will need to be glued together though so that it is water tight.

What is next

My queue of things to print is growing rapidly.