Jono Shields


So the other day I saw a HN post about an app to help people fast, this intrigued me because in the past I have attempted intermittent fasting (for those unfamiliar with the term here is a linky poo) and failed miserably. What could this app offer?


Sadly the app was iOS only and listed features on the App Store was not very descriptive. So I thought about what I would want in an app to help me fast and as a game dev the first thing that came to my mind was gamification. I also wanted…

I had also seen a post on reddit that used the data from when his daughter was awake/sleeping to make a really cool visualization.


The image shows one continuous spiral around from the inside when his daughter was born, each revolution represents a single day (midnight at the top). I thought that this would be a cool way to express the data I was creating.

When I approached this my two options (well for fast development) were Unity3d and HTML5. Unity seemed like overkill for this project, but I was concerned about storing data when making an offline HTML5 app.

Unfortunately across browsers there is no guarantee of persistent data, a user can very easily delete their webapp data by accident clearing their browser cache. In the end I decided that as long as the user knows this flaw it wouldn’t be too bad and this method negates the need for server-side infrastructure or a bloated app. Were there other ways to achieve this? Probably lots, I had thought about wrapping the app in something like Cordova, but that came with its own downsides.

So this is it. I called the app chowtime because I am a hilarious human being and no one can take that from me. There are a few features I am thinking about adding still that might improve it, but otherwise I am pretty happy with it.



Thanks for reading! Stay cool!