Jono Shields


So lately I have been thinking about changing my image online.

This is mainly because the current image is very similar to your average techy joe, I wanted to differentiate myself from the crowd. I also wanted my new brand to be a bit more fun and enthusiastic to better suit the side of my brand in the game dev community.


This idea was actually taken from a friend (Nat) whose current role is Battle Mage at a fantastic VR Studio called Conical. Drawing inspiration from the fantasy realm, the role of battle mage insinuates a mastering of both the magical and physical aspects of battling. To be a technical artist/generalist you have to have mastery of both the practical sword (artistic utensil) and magical enchantments (source code).

Awesome right?!?!!

I figure that I am basically a Druid, I write powerful spells to achieve things that human abilities on their own can not. I have libraries dedicated to the spells I write, they are open and other wizards can use them and learn from them. I also carry with me my Tome (laptop) that allows me quick access to my spells.

With this in mind I started drawing a self portrait of myself in an adventure time style. I went with this aesthetic because it was clean and easy to reproduce and at I was heavily inspired by the character of Magic Man in the cartoon.

And my interpretation of Jono…


Next I had to learn how to use Inkscape so that I could vector my magnificent art piece so that it could be super lovely and clean.


Then I fleshed out a website using a template I borrowed from Launchaco. Added some bright colours, a fun wizard quote and played with the layout a bit. I also made a couple of web service calls to grab my twitter follower count and public github repo count for some interesting up to date numbers.

And here is the current state of