Jono Shields

Learning to Draw

As a programmer I am usually pretty limited making games by myself. And when I say limited I mean that I tend to use programmer art or get stuck in procedural generation rather than my actual game.

So when I arrived back from MIGW I decided that I was going to learn to draw. I found a nice set of lessons online and now 2 weeks later I have finished my first one.

I used /u/Uncomfortable’s lessons on DrawABox and would highly recommend them for anyone learning to draw. I found them especially awesome because of how methodical they were, super easy to follow and highlighting exactly what you want to learn from each stage of the lesson.


I am not going to bore you with the details but I will list some of the great things I’ve learned so far.

This sounds really simple and kind of obvious, but there is a big difference between have the theoretical skills to notice something looks wrong and the practical skills to draw it right first time.


More and betterer art things to come…

Jono out.