Jono Shields

Ted Update

I have been slowly (and I mean real slow) working on a new game.

Last week I wrote out a pitch for it…

Ted is an artist, well that is what he tells people. He spends most of his time in an office job and spends his night painting small intricate paintings the size of cd cases. The last couple of months have been particularly rough, he hates his job and even though he has been to a bunch of interviews he hasn’t had any luck. He wants to spend more time on his art, but his brother thinks its a stupid idea and a waste of time. If that weren’t bad enough, Ted isn’t great with women and isn’t prepared to try right now after how badly his last relationship ended.

The aim of the game is for the player to help Ted through some difficult parts in his life. So I am thinking that they have a view into Ted’s life through his small apartment. You can see his small paintings in various places around the apartment, but things are pretty cramped an there isn’t much room to move about. Kind of like a Tamagotchi but with Ted, hopefully some more meaningful interactions though.

And this week I took it a but further, below is  a short snippet of an art style I am trialling for the game. Based on material design it is simple to implement and requires less from me as a developer, but at the same time looks quite unique and is visually appealing.

I plan to develop this further, currently I am just using planes and lighting in 3d to achieve the material effect, but I have been looking at moving to vector sprites and baking shadows into the textures to massively improve the performance.

I want to make the apartment look super grungy but not quite sure how that will translate to these visuals., but we will see.

Later days.