Jono Shields

Making a game that uses REBT techniques, mindfulness, stoicism

So I want to explore a bunch of techniques used in REBT and what I see is the underlying side of stoicism. But I want to explore them in the context of a video game.

Last week I had a few ideas for gameplay mechanics, I really haven’t developed that much further, but now I have an underpinning story.

Ted is an artist, well that is what he tells people. He spends most of his time in an office job and spends his night painting small intricate paintings the size of cd cases. The last couple of months have been particularly rough though.

The aim of the game is for the player to help Ted through some difficult parts in his life. The player does this through a window into Ted’s life (well actually his apartment) and can help Ted out when he needs it. Think of Ted like a Tamagotchi, but one that rather than having to eat and poop; has to deal with disapproval from loved ones, not being able to find a job and friends acting selfishly.

I have been looking at art styles that would work well with this and would be easy enough for me to achieve something that is okay. But will hopefully find an real artist if the prototype works well.

I spent some of yesterday afternoon experimenting with material design in Unity, not sure how it will feel to have an entire game in it, but there are visual aspects that I like. 

Will keep mucking around with the idea, although I can already see two issues with the above style. Firstly Unity is not going to like all the shadows and I might have to end up writing a custom shader, and secondly I think the style might be too abstract to effectively convey the story I am trying to tell.

Later days.