Jono Shields

Moving Forward

So my last post was quite negative. It’s been two months since then. You may have thought I gave up?

Well I didn’t… At least not immediately.

I kept chugging for another month. I bought an iOS licence and launched on the App Store. I made a press kit and submitted my game for reviews. I even launched a thunderclap campaign to try to boost social media coverage.

And all the bug fixes… I released 5 more versions of the game in the following 3 weeks, with 8 bug fixes and 4 new features.

I worked my butt off for that month. Doing the necessary things, the things that don’t excite me. 

It was a fantastic learning experience for me and I got so much out of it. But I worked myself stupid doing 100 hour weeks and put every other aspect of my life on hold. I burnt myself out.

Outcomes : Experience, $0.24 in Ad Revenue

Right now I am taking a break from game development. I have become more active volunteering, helping out with Code Club and events like OMG Tech. It is just as fun and definitely more rewarding. For now I am still attending game dev meetups, but becoming more passive in the community. I will almost definitely start a new project soon, hopefully I can get the balance right this time.