Jono Shields

I just hit a wall

I hit this point in every project. I get to a stage of development where the project just isn’t fun anymore, its not that ball of excitement and new energy that it was when I started. I have to seriously knuckle down and do the hard yards.

The boring stuff, the stuff I have left until the last minute, the things I just don’t want to do. Here they are…

I get to this stage with every project and every time the same result, I move on. I start something else that will never get finished. This is a lot of work, and none of it will be as fun or as interesting as the journey up until now.

But it will be a journey none the less and it is a path I am going to need to go down eventually. Up until now I have always told myself that the right project will come along and I will know, I will have the motivation and the determination to complete it, to go the extra mile and polish it.

This isn’t it though, I know this isn’t it, this game is one of the least inspired, least interesting and least enjoyable games I have made.

So why? What is the point of this blog post?

This is where I talk myself into doing this, even if I do put in all this extra effort and the game doesn’t do well, then at least I will have learned something. I will know a great deal more about the release process, marketing, advertising and monetising a game. That’s fantastic, but ultimately not the real reason I want to push on, I want a challenge and I want to prove to myself that I am capable of this.

Let’s do this!