Jono Shields


So this is a pretty big thing for me. Not very long ago I used to think that I would never put ads on a game I made and yet I am sitting here adding lines like Advertisement.Show(); to my code.

How did it come to this?

I released my first game on the Play Store nearly a month ago today at $0.99. It was great having my friends buy the app, they could have a jam on my game and I even made $4.14 off of them in purchases. But the store has been inactive for 2 weeks now, had over 1,000 views with 0% conversions and the only person outside of New Zealand to buy it also refunded it.

As much as I wanted to make money from the game, I also wanted people to be playing it. I also toyed with the idea of not monetising the game,  but I have put a great deal of time into this game now and this is the most “finished” any of my games have ever been, I feel like I need something back.

This is why I have turned to ads. I don’t like them, but they mean my game can reach a larger audience, I can earn some money and I still have control over when they get shown, etc. I also have to take into account my 6 prior purchasers who paid $0.99 for a premium app, I can’t throw ads in their faces all of a sudden, even if I do know each of them personally. So I am using their saved preferences to see if they already had a high score before the new update and turn the ads off for them. All players will also be able to opt out of ads in the Stats menu, but they will be enabled by default. Players will also have the opportunity to increase the frequency of ads, will they? … probably not.

I am also looking into using in game rewards as an incentive to watch ads, such as experience boosters to unlock ships faster or a shield at the start of the next round to reduce damage on your ship.

This post is basically just verbal diarrhea. Sorry about that.

Later days.