Jono Shields

Adding Content

I spent this week adding tons more content to Homage. The game now has a full blown experience and levelling system, this allows players to unlock new space ships and actually get the joy of progressing in the game.


The new unlockable ships grant additional experience modifiers, this means that even though the player will need more experience to level up as they progress, they can still do so with relative ease.

Ship health and speed is also configurable, so some of the ships will take more hits and others are more agile to better out maneuver debris.


I will continue to add a few more spaceships, maybe enough to take the player up to Level 20, but I probably won’t go any higher than that. It currently takes approximately an hour of constant gameplay to get to that stage and I would prefer that it was easier to unlock the ships than have players grind for ages only to be disappointed that the ship is not what they expected.

Later days.