Jono Shields


2 weeks ago I started making a game that I plan to be done with in another 2 weeks. Normally when I make a game it is because I have some idea for a game mechanic, maybe an art style I want to try out or a character I really want to bring to life. But this is the first game I have made purely to make a game, the only intention I have with Homage is to release it.


This massively changed the way I create a game, instead of focussing on the element I was interested in I had to view the game as a whole. This meant that a few things, GUI wasn’t left until the last minute, sound and music were thought about and added very early on and a lot more time went on modelling.

8 hours into development I had basic gameplay mechanics hashed out, collisions, controls and a lose condition. To further that, I had also created a Play Store Listing, set my game up for Alpha and started sending out keys to my friends so they could test for me.

Now 2 weeks later I have pushed out 13 releases on the Play Store and it has been publicly accessible for 1 week. I am planning a big update for later in the week that will add quite a bit of content to the game and hopefully add some much needed replayability.

Overall this experience has been a lot of fun, even if the only people that bought the game have been sympathetic friends and a guy from Poland that immediately refunded it. I plan to be finished developing features for the game after a month in development and perhaps a fast release cycle like this will mean I can churn out simple games and hope to have one do well.

In those upcoming 2 weeks I will be adding more content (unlockable playable ships, experience, levelling mechanic and score modifiers) and tweaking a bunch of existing features. I also hope to release on the App Store if I can grow the balls to invest the money in a license and an iOS device for testing.

Later days.